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Special processing, crystal manufacturing
Supports various special processing such as ultra-thin / ultra-thick and backside polishing.
You can consult with us by pulling up the ingot according to your desired specifications.  

Ultra-thin / ultra-thick / specially processed wafer

・ As sliced ​​product (at the specified thickness)
・ Ultra-thin finish (150 μm)
We provide high-precision wafers capable of accurate groove fabrication for sensors and MEMS applications that perform deep digging by etching.
Smaller plane orientation (cutting angle) tolerance, smaller OF position angle tolerance, smaller thickness tolerance, more accurate flatness High quality such as single-sided mirror wafers from 2 inches to 12 inches, wafers with oxide film, etc. Wafers are provided. Square wafers, OF (orientation flat) notched (round) wafers to meet customer needs. Double-sided mirror, double-sided etch, double-sided wrap, etc. can be finished. Wafer thickness can be manufactured from 100 μm (4 inches) to 2,000 μm. CZ / FZ crystal small diameter type ~ 12inch

Polishing the back surface of a silicon wafer (back grind)

Material Si silicon wafer
specification 3 inches to 8 inches (consultation required depending on 12 inch specifications)
Features Integrated back grind and polish processing with CMP equipment
12-inch wafers can be polished to a thickness of 50 μm or less.
3 inch or less and irregularly shaped wafers can also be supported.

Metal film, oxide film, vapor deposition processing

Material GaAs wafer, silicon wafer
specification 3, 4, 6 and 8 inch GaAs wafers
Thin film Compatible with various metal films such as Au, Pt, Ti, etc.
Silicon wafers up to 8 inches in size
quality Quality Assurance with State-of-the-art Inspection Equipment Film Thickness Measuring Equipment
Features Efficient processing is possible with integrated processing with polishing.
Flexible response to customer’s recipes

Silicon monitor dummy wafer processing

Material Silicon wafer
specification 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 inch wafer
particles are 0.09 micron and 80 or less
Heavy metal level clears 10 9 atom / cm2
Features Dummy, test wafer recycling,
vacuum packaging (particle guaranteed) products,
polished, and foamed cases are also available.
For those who request silicon wafers, special processing sales, and purchase of silicon materials
We can also handle small orders and special processing upon request.
Please feel free to contact us.
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