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Recycling and recycling of silicon materials
We support the purchase of solar cells, semiconductors, and various wafers.
Please feel free to contact us for silicon purchase requests.  

Our thoughts

Add value to important resources by collecting and regenerating, and leave limited resources to the next generation!
Regarding pattern wafers and blue tapes, we will send them out for refining, recover resources, and use them effectively, so we will be able to maintain confidentiality and lead to important environmental protection.

Recycling and recycling of silicon materials

Round wafers, bares, membranes, with patterns

We purchase solar cell wafers, semiconductor wafers, with films, with patterns, cracked wafers, pot scraps, top tails, etc.
Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.
Surface-treated wafers with patterns, and silicon substrates are recycled for solar cells!

Cracks, patterned wafers / silicon lumps, ingots, cracked chips, solar wafers

<Caution / Request>

Strengthen purchase of pattern wafers and blue tape!
Solar wafers (blue cells), cracked wafers (oil and slurry cannot be added)
Silicon waste materials should not contain impurities for effective use,
and we ask for your cooperation and understanding in order to purchase them at a high price. increase.
(Silicon may not be available for purchase if there are slurries of impurities other than silicon, oil, water, other metals, plastics, etc.)

Silicon is said to be of high-purity silicon.

Even a small amount is acceptable (mailed). It is possible to bring in a 10t car at any time, but it may be crowded, so if
you contact us in advance, we can do it more smoothly.
We can also handle non-standard products, residual blocks cut from ingots, and broken silicon wafers.

There are various shapes of waste silicon, so please contact us in advance, samples and photos are essential.

Powder type is currently not available for purchase.

Please feel free to contact SE TECH for silicon purchase requests and consultations.

For those who request silicon wafers, special processing sales, and purchase of silicon materials
We can also handle small orders and special processing upon request.
Please feel free to contact us.
TEL:04-2990-2908 Weekdays 09: 00-18: 00 (excluding Saturdays and Sundays)

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